maandag 19 mei 2014

City mountainbike meets streetrace meets eliminator meets speed en wa snelle rennerkes!

I was dan in Rotterdam yesterdag because there was unnen stads mountainbike with very quick boys and girls.
Have to write this in English, as I have also unnen lot of readers outside of dun Holland.  Not mun best English of kors, want then do the Brabanders ut nie understand allemaol. Understande?

When you organise su'n event in a city as Rotterdam, you understand that it will be a huge succes! Nice atmosphere, nice views and hard working people (dokwerkers) make it a great place to be.
Have unnen look.

Nondejus skon view at the Maasboulevard ! Therefore you don't have to go to unnen costa somewhere! It's just around t huukske, in oewen own country! Next time you book mar unnen holiday diejen side op... Bet that you enjoy it!.

But ok, the race. Jeroen v. Eck, Fabrice Mels, Lehvi Braam, Rens de Bruijn, Wiebe Scholten ( first eliminator, en meteen half final, does he good!), Andy Eyring, B en D van de Cage en many more..
Timetrial did I miss because I was not there. But dun Fabrice was dun quickest, followed by Jeroentje. Not yet so important as the heats, there the kaf would be seperated from the koren.

Heats gingen me un sign which is very handy for many other organisators. Have unnen look how simple it can be. ( If anybody needs info about this in future, you weet where to find me, have it now seen how it goes!)

That's an invention ! Makes life easier when you have to organise un wedstrijdje as this. Good job!.
Heats went on and on and you could see that Mels, v Eck en Eyring strong weren.. Braam had unnen crash, but the national champ of the Dutch Netherlands made it to the final. Wa is good. Tricolore has to be shown, and that did he very good!.
Nice line up. Fabrice Mels, Jeroen v. Eck, Andy Eyring and as said Lehvi Braam. With dun h before the v in his first name! Remember that! :)
Quick start van Jeroen and after 200 metres he already had unnen voorsprong van 300 metres ! Das pretty he, dan can you the rest of the race op t easy geartje verder biken..
Maar da has he not done. Jeroen gave full throttle all the way and finished nice with unnen difference of unne metres of 50 before Lehvi. 3rd place Fabrice.
Two dutchies at the highest trede! Daarom da ze ook both to the European Championships go in St Wendel. Good choice van dun headcoach of the MTB department of the dutch cycling federation desk office building dingske.

After the finish immedeaateellie unnen interview me dun winnaar. Ik snel unne picture maken, jumpt er snel zonne goapert veur munnen Iphonelens!
Koekkoek! Hil dun picture wrong.. So yes, if you want to see Laura on a picture, find it somewhere else, I don't have er eentje... We unne Gerard Joling look-a-like.. ( be honest, he has er wel wa van weg zo he ? )

Ekkes unnen word of thanks.

Dear Mr Kristof Bruijneel, thanks for putting so much effort in organizing this event. The MTB sport needs a lot of attention at this moment. Events such as City Mountainbike help a lot to get the people back to the sport. We all can understand that not everybody is as crazy as me to go to a XCO race and watch that for 2.5 hours. Eliminator is a quick event, nice to follow and lots of spectacle. That fits perfect in the time we live now.. So we all have to be very happy that this event excists. Hope that in the future it will grow and grow and will become even more famous all over the world. Great job, keep up the good work !

That's something you didn't verwacht van men he, dak through google translate still un stukske engels derin zou kunnen copy-pasten en dat nog readable is ook veur unnen outsider! Boy, the wonders are the world nog nie out! You see that here!.

Anyweg, t was unnen nice afternoon. lots of sun, nice people and a great win of Jeroen. This will be a nice battle the next races. Up to Antwerpen on the 15th of June !

Bye bye wor !

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